FAQs About Acne Scar Treatment in Encinitas

Getting the most from acne scar treatment in Encinitas is about having the correct information.  If you’re considering this cosmetic option,  it’s good to know that people have been asking questions about it and getting answers like the following.

Acne Scar Treatment in Encinitas San Diego


What Causes These Scars? 

When looking for treatment, it’s essential to know first what causes these scars. Acne breakouts damage your skin, and the body tries to repair itself as they clear up.  Collagen is produced during this process. If too much or too little is made, scars are formed. Too much collagen results in raised acne scars. Too little of this substance results in pits in the skin.

Picking or squeezing at acne can make the situation worse.


Can Acne Scars Be Prevented? 

There’s some evidence that a healthy diet can prevent some acne scars. That’s generally a menu rich in whole grains, proteins, lean vegetables and fruits. Other studies suggest some foods with a high glycemic index and or dairy products can cause scarring.

One of the other things you should consider to prevent this problem is sun protection. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is the best product with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Managing stress can also help control acne scars. The production of hormones can make the situation worse. Therefore, having hobbies, learning to meditate, and having an exercise routine can help manage your stress levels and potentially reduce your acne.


What Are The Different Types? 

Some of the more common types of acne scars include:

  • Rolling scars that are caused by damage underneath the dermis. They have smooth rolling edges and an uneven texture.
  •  Boxcar scars are angular. They look a lot like the marks left after someone has chicken pox. Most of these are found on the temples and cheeks.
  •  Like their namesake, ice pick scars are deep and narrow.


Can I Get Professional Acne Scar Treatment in  Encinitas?

Beauty and Body Medlounge provides acne scar treatment in Encinitas. Contact us to learn how a few sessions can smooth out your skin’s surface and reduce the rough indentations left by acne. The options we offer can reduce dark spots and discoloration and boost your self-confidence.  Please book an appointment today by clicking the tab on our website.

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