Hair Loss Treatment in Solana Beach, CA

Maintain the hair you have & prevent future hair loss. Call your nearest location to schedule a consultation.

Treatment Cost – $1200

Hair Loss Solutions Clinic in Solana Beach, CA

Don’t let hair loss hold you back!

Treatments for hair loss include medications, surgery, laser therapy, and wigs or hairpieces. At Beauty and Body Med Spa Salon in Solana Beach, we use a potent serum formula that contains 200+ growth factors to stimulate and rejuvenate dormant hair follicles without surgery.

The goals of treatment are to promote hair growth and slow hair loss. Best results are usually in area of thinning hair and not in area of no hair growth. For further information, please schedule a consultation with one of our medical staff.

Hair Loss Solutions Clinic in Solana Beach, CA
Hair Loss Solutions Clinic in Solana Beach, CA

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