Kybella – Destroys Fat Cells Under The Chin (Double Chin)

The issue of having a double chin is not that rare, as many people need to deal with it, unfortunately. The double chin is actually a fat deposit right under the jaws, which create a round bump that resembles another chin, the medical term for it being submental fullness. If you think that this is something that only overweight people have to deal with, you are wrong, because many persons that have an average body weight might also have this aesthetic problem.

Just like fat is depositing in other parts of the body, the submental area can also be affected. The causes for this condition to appear can be gaining in weight, genetics or age, affecting both men and women.

Up until recently, such a problem used to be solved by surgery, by removing the excess fat tissue from the submental area. But today, with the help of Kybella, such an invasive method is not necessary anymore. Kybella is the first FDA-approved treatment for solving the issues of a double-chin. Practically, the treatment consists of a series of shots that contain deoxycholic acid, which is able to dissolve the fat cells under the chin. The entire procedure usually lasts about 5 minutes, although it may be extended to 20 minutes, time in which the medical staff will apply the treatment in several point under your chin, to increase its effectiveness. Still, the treatment must be repeated, as it is not enough for one session to make it disappear entirely. According to the patient’s status and condition, the treatment is repeated somewhere between 4 or 8 weeks, and it may require 2 to 6 injection sessions to make the double chin gone for good.

So, what to expect after the treatment is performed? The patient will experience some swelling, numbness and discomfort in the area, but nothing too unbearable, so it will not keep you from doing your daily activities, unlike an invasive surgery. Depending on each patient, the recovery will be complete after several days following the injection session. Unfortunately, the studies were not made to see the effects of Kybella on patients that are under the age of 18, so it is best to wait until a person is fully mature to perform the treatment.

Probably you would like to know who the best candidate for this procedure is. Kybella was developed to deal with isolated fat deposits under the chin, so it will not solve the issue of extra sagging skin in the same area. For patients that have the so-called “turkey neck”, or excess skin, this is not the appropriate treatment for that. Also, if you have an infection in the submental area, this treatment is also not recommended. To make sure that everything will be done in safe conditions, you should talk with the medical staff about any surgery you may have done to the face and neck area, or any that you may have in plan. Also, do mention if you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding, as it is not known what effects Kybella will have on the pregnancy or if it will affect the milk. Other than these aspects, Kybella should not cause any issues or severe side-effects on patients. Call Beauty & Body located in Hillcrest and Solana Beach, San Diego today for a consultation.

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