Laser Treatments


Beauty and Body Medlounge will be your source for laser treatments in San Diego and Solana Beach, where science meets beauty to redefine skincare. In recent years, laser technology has emerged as a transformative force in the field of dermatology, offering precision and effectiveness in addressing various skin concerns. From the removal of unwanted hair to the rejuvenation of aging skin and the treatment of dermatological conditions, laser treatments have become synonymous with cutting-edge solutions for individuals seeking non-invasive and impactful results. Our laser treatments provide a sophisticated approach to skincare, where science meets beauty to illuminate the path to healthier, more vibrant skin.

IPL Photofacial utilizes broad-spectrum light to target various skin irregularities, such as sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and vascular imperfections.

Laser Genesis focuses on skin rejuvenation by gently heating the dermal layer, effectively reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and redness.

Laser Hair Removal offers a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair by providing a convenient and effective alternative to traditional hair removal methods.

Laser Vein Removal offers a targeted approach to diminish the appearance of spider veins and vascular lesions, restoring a more even skin tone.

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