Microtoxin for Lower Face and Neck

All photos were taken from Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal

What it is/How it Works

Microtoxin is an injection of microdroplets of diluted Botox/Dysport into the skin, used to improve skin texture, and to relax the muscles that cause wrinkling in the neck. Each syringe of Microtoxin contains roughly 20–28 units of Botox or 50-70 of Dysport, and will account for about 100–120 injections. The lower face and neck will typically require 1-1.5 syringes per side depending on size of area and skin thickness or heaviness


This procedure’s results last about the same duration as typical Toxin injections, ranging between 3-4 months. From this procedure, you can expect a sharper jawline, as well as sagging skin from the neck to be tightened in line with the underlying neck shape. In addition, neck bands are found to be reduced, and the skin appears smoother and firmer. This includes, but is not limited to, reduced crepiness, skin bunching, creasing, and sagging. As an added bonus, this procedure has also seen results in a reduction of the production of sweat in the injected areas.

Combination therapy with collagen producing procedures such as Ulthera/RF and biostimulator injection will also help to improve the skin quality/thickness that lead to a smoother and younger looking neck and jawline.

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