Pastelle Laser in San Diego, CA


Pastelle Laser in San Diego, CA

Pastelle Q Switch laser for the treatment of:

  • Pigmentation
  • Melasma/Post Inflammation hyperpigmentation
  • Laser Toning with Carbon
  • Tattoo Removal

What Causes Pigmentation?

When exposed to the sun, the skin is stimulated to produce melanin which helps to protect itself against the sun damaging UV rays. Pigmentation occurs when the skin produces too much melanin which is concentrated in certain area and can form dark visible patches. Pigmentation can be triggered by UV rays, hormones, trauma to the skin and sometimes unknown sources. Pigmentation can be classified as epidermal, dermal or a combination of both.

What are the types of Pigmentation?

Epidermal pigmentation

Pastelle Laser in San Diego, CA

Dermal pigmentation

Pastelle Laser in San Diego, CA
Pastelle Laser in San Diego, CA

Mixed Dermal Epidermal Pigmentation (Melasma or PIH)

Pastelle Laser in San Diego, CA

Brown diffused patches that are commonly found on cheekbone and eye areas. Melasma are usually brought on by hormonal changes or sun exposure while PIH is brought on by trauma to the skin from strong lasers or peels whereby the skin responds by increasing melanin production in large patchy areas. Melasma is very sensitive to external factors such as UV rays or laser light therefore protection is mandatory while laser or peel treatments must not trigger more damage to the skin.


How does Pastelle laser treat pigmentation?
Pastelle laser treat epidermal pigmentation by darkening brown spots which will sloughs off in a few weeks.

Dermal pigmentation is deeper in the skin and require a longer laser wavelength to target and break up the pigment without damaging skin cell and skin surface which can lead to more hyperpigmentation. It is a specific way the laser is treating the pigmentation without causing adverse effects such as hyper or hypo pigmentation.

Mixed pigmentation such as Melasma/PIH takes more time and sessions to treat as the treatment cannot trigger more trauma to the skin which can worsen the problem. Pastelle PTP mode deliver sufficient energy to break up pigment cells, without triggering more pigmentation, which then can be removed by the body.

What is Soft Peel with Carbon?
Soft Peel is a technique in which fine carbon particles are applied onto the skin and exploded by laser heat energy which create peeling effects as well as pore reduction and skin tone improvement. It also delivers skin tightening effect due to laser application into the dermal layer. The dark shade of the carbon particles helps to absorb the laser beam before a vacuum lightly removes these particles via suction, simultaneously removing the damaged upper layers of skin in the process. It is used as part of the melasma/PIH treatment series to help facilitate the removal of pigmentation. The procedure is usually follow by a laser genesis treatment which helps to increase collagen production which lead to pore tightening.

Soft Peel can be performed on any skin to create a “Glow” to the skin as the explosion and removal of the carbon helps to create a smooth and glowing complexion that can be seen and felt.

Carbon help to facilitate glow by removing pigmentation and closing of pores

Pastelle Laser in San Diego, CA

Genesis mode after Q Switched Mode help to increase collagen, tighten pores and kill bacteria which is great for Acneic skin

Pastelle Laser in San Diego, CA

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