Practical Tips To Apply After A Laser Skin Treatment in Encinitas

A Laser skin treatment in Encinitas will give you confidence-boosting results and a better appearance. Applying some of these tips to the treated area is a good idea to promote effective healing.

Aftercare tips like these enhance healing and prevent infection while maximizing your results.

Solana Beach San Diego Laser skin treatment in Encinitas

Keep The Treated Area Clean

Use lukewarm water and a fragrance-free cleanser to get the best results.  Use a soft towel to pat the treated area dry.


Drinking a lot of water is always a good idea, and that goes double after a laser skin treatment in Encinitas. Laser treatments can cause minor dehydration. Drinking a lot of water after a session can help you heal by regenerating skin cells.

Skip The Makeup After A Laser Skin Treatment in Encinitas

You want to avoid clogging pores in the treated area, so you should avoid makeup for at least 24 hours afterward. It’s also important to remember that chlorine can irritate the treated area. That’s why staying out of hot tubs and chlorinated pools while healing is a good idea.

Here are a few other tips to help you get the most from laser skin treatment and recover quickly.

It’s never a good idea to use tobacco products, but that goes double for this period after one of these treatments. Smoking, in particular, can hinder the whole healing process. If you still smoke, at least try to hold back for a few days after an application.

There might be a slight swelling after a session. If you’re experiencing that, apply cold packs with a clean, soft cloth.  Dampening it with cool water before applying it to the treated area will make it feel more comfortable, and there will be less inflammation.

Beauty and Body Medlounge  is very proud of the different laser skin treatments in Encinitas we have available. Some advantages of this particular option include permanent hair reduction and long-term growth delay. Contact us today to learn more about this practical and fast option that can cover a large area rapidly. Check out our website for videos and more information on these laser treatments.

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