Senté is the first and only brand to successfully design a low molecular weight version of Heparan Sulfate (our HSA) which allows it to be absorbed into the skin, providing a natural boost to our skin’s immune response to inflammation and promoting a healthy skin barrier. The best part? Because HSA comes from a naturally-occurring component of our skin, it works on all skin tones and types. The leading ingredient of all Senté formulas, HSA empowers your skin to go to work for you, resulting in a direct path to healthy skin

HSA is our patented and proprietary molecule that mimics the effects of Heparan Sulfate, our skin’s natural repairing molecule. As we age, the amount of Heparan Sulfate in our body decreases, which leaves our dermal cells exposed and vulnerable. Without this built-in defender, our skin ultimately becomes dehydrated and more susceptible to stressors that trigger and lead to chronic inflammatory issues like redness, drying, itching, and discoloration.
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