Efficacy meets elegance with HydraFirm, our serum that uses patented technology to support collagen and elastin production, restoring firmness and volume for plumper, younger looking skin.
Hydrafirm Serummaximizes the delivery of our patented repairing molecules, Heparan SulfateAnalog (HSA) and firming duo Dermatan Sulfate Analog (DSA) and Chondroitin SulfateAnalog (CSA), to support the skin’s capacity to protect and restore elasticity for smoother andfirmer-looking skin. In a 12-week Clinical Study on subjects with moderate-to-severephotodamage, 75% of subjects agreed HydraFirm made their skin look plumper after 8weeks, 79% of subjects showed improvement in skin firmness after 12 weeks and 79% ofsubjects showed improvement in skin elasticity after 8 weeks and agreed HydraFirm madetheir skin smoother and softer.
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