Ultimate Contour


Ultimate Contour is an FDA-approved noninvasive medical device that provides safe, painless, and immediate changes in appearance of treated areas. The device helps with fat reduction and circumference, it also helps with skin tightening and cellulite reduction with no down time. It can be used on the abdomen, thighs, arms, love handles and calves.

Ultimate Contour works in two different ways. The low-frequency ultrasound breaks apart fat cells which your body then processes through your lymphatic system.  The radio frequency (RF) handpieces heat the deeper layers of your skin which causes your skin to tighten and improves skin laxity and results in smoother skin appearance.

Each treatment is typically about 40 minutes but can last anywhere from 20-60 minutes depending on the size of the areas treated. Most people need 3-6 treatments, spaced about 1 week apart, to achieve desired results.

New patients wanting to treat abdominal fat will receive a 40-minute ultrasound treatment on their abdominal area with pictures and measurements taken both before and after the procedure. Most patients see a full inch reduction in their abdominal size immediately following the treatment after just one 40-minute session. Larger patients who complete 6 abdominal ultrasound treatments can anticipate a loss of about 4 of more inches. Full effects of the treatment typically take 6-8 weeks to be seen as the body processes the destroyed fat cells.

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