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Waxing / Sugaring

Hair Removal. Waxing Services for Men and Women

Silky Smooth Skin – Beauty & Body provides hair removal services for men and women. Our professionals will help you look your best!  


Where sweetness meets smoothness! This natural approach to getting rid of unwanted hair comes with its own set of delightful perks. Imagine saying goodbye to the woes of razor burns and wax-induced redness. With sugar hair removal, your skin will thank you for being so gentle. But that’s not all – sugaring is like a mini spa session with a bonus exfoliation twist. As the sugar paste works its magic, it sweeps away not only those pesky hairs but also those dull skin cells, leaving you with skin as soft as a cloud. And let’s talk about its “short hair, don’t care” attitude. While waxing might be all about waiting for your hair to grow to a certain length, sugaring couldn’t care less. It’s like the superhero of hair removal – ready to tackle even the shortest strands, making the waiting game a thing of the past. Cleaning up? A piece of cake! Since sugaring paste is water-soluble, you won’t need a chemistry degree to wipe away any leftover residue. It’s a refreshingly simple process that lets you bid farewell to stickiness in no time. So there you have it, sugar hair removal: a sugary-sweet way to achieve gloriously smooth skin with a side of spa-like indulgence. It’s time to embrace the sweet life and wave goodbye to those hair removal woes!

ALL the areas we wax (brows, lip, chin, ears, nose, underarms, bikini, brazilian, chest, stomach, upper & lower back, full back, half & full leg, shoulders, tummy trail).

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