What is Acne?

Most acne is an inherited inflammatory skin condition. Most acne clients experience retention hyperkeratosis without realizing it is the first step acne takes to form. Retention hyperkeratosis is just a fancy word for the explanation of skin cells producing and shedding at a more rapid rate than normal, causing corneocytes (abnormally sticky skin cells) which creates a hospitable environment for p.acne bacteria.

There are 4 different grades of acne I, II, III, IV which can all vary between inflamed, non-inflamed and combination.

There are also a few skin conditions that can present themselves as acne but are actually conditions that should be treated differently such as rosacea, and fungal folliculitis, etc.

Acne can be caused by a number of things including internal issues such as food allergies, hormone imbalances and gut issues, but could be something as simple as a hair care product, or a face wash that contains pore clogging ingredients. One of the most popular ingredients on the market, unfortunately being a level 3 pore clogger, is coconut oil.

Face Reality for Acne

Face Reality is an acne program that is focused on providing clients with a customized treatment plan to address specific skin concerns. Clients will receive personalized home care regimens targeted towards their skin needs after each skin analysis with our skin care professional. The program has a 90% success rate if clients follow their specific home care regimen and keep up with their visits.

It is important to maintain attendance to these appointments for the skin care professional to determine what changes in products your skin will need. It takes approximately three to six months to get acne under control. While on this program, clients are expected to meet with their skin care professional every 2 weeks for a skin analysis and follow up to make sure your skin regimen is working properly . A total of four to six visits every 2 weeks is required during the start of the program. During the visit, the skin care professional will analyze your skin to determine the course of the skin care plan.

What to Expect?

The first visit consists of a consultation to personalize a treatment plan for the client’s skin condition. Factors that will be taken into consideration are –  type of acne, skin type, skin color, skin sensitivity and environment. It is important to follow the home care regimen and adhere to specific lifestyle adjustments in order to see results.

During the first visit, various products will be applied on the skin to determine what it can or cannot tolerate. This helps the skin care professional choose the most effective products for the client’s needs. A corrective peel or acne hydrating treatment and extractions will be performed to prepare the skin for the home care regimen. The skin care professional will provide education on the customized home care products and schedule clients for their next appointment.

Multivitamins are a great way to receive daily intake of important supplements, but that is a different story for acne-prone patients. Multivitamins for acne-prone patients provide over 50% of the recommended daily intake for vitamins which in turn can cause even more of an overproduction of skin cells, speeding up the process of shedding those cells leaving them with nowhere to go besides clogging up the inside of the pore and harboring bacteria.

It is vital to check through home care products that could contain pore clogging ingredients which is preventing clear skin! Upon the first visit for our Acne program, the client will be asked to send pictures or bring products to the appointment so that the skincare professional can have a broad understanding of the factors tying into the cause of the acne. We will go over any pore clogging ingredients as well as replacement products for the ones that are perpetuating the breakouts.

As mentioned before, it is very important client’s adhere to their home care routine. If any problem arises, communication with the skin care professional is key to ensure great results. The skin care professional is available to help make adjustments accordingly to provide a comfortable experience. Products should be used consistently for effectiveness and client’s will bring their products each visit for assessment. The only products clients should be using are the ones curated for their skin needs by the skin care professional. No other products should be used in conjunction during the course of the program.

The photo shows the amount of product that needs to be used daily so as not to use too much or too little in order for it to be effective.

The cost for the program ranges from $500 – $700, dependent on your skin condition and progress. This includes the consultation, initial visit, subsequent visits, and products. The success of the program is dependent on the client’s ability to adhere to the scheduled visits and home care routines. Open communication with the client and skin care professional is vital to acne free skin.

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