Why Choose Sculptra or Radiesse Buttocks Augmentation?

Who doesn’t want a beautiful body, the best body that you can possibly have? In today’s world full, firm buttocks are considered the pinnacle of health and beauty. For many people that means that they need a little boost or filler to give the buttocks more volume and an attractive lift. Not everyone is born with a full, subtle, firm backside. But just because you were born with flat buttocks, doesn’t mean that you are stuck with that look, you can safely get the firm, full look that you desire. One of the best, safest and least invasive manner to achieve this goal involves using either Sculptra or Radiesse buttocks augmentation.
These two treatments provide the best results and are the best options available, clearly more effective and economical than any treatments on the market today. Sculptra develops a healthy and firm appearance by fostering collagen growth where the treatment is given, increasing volume and improving contour at the same time. Radiesse provides similar results by firming up and filling in the area of the buttocks that are treated promoting collagen growth as well. A common request is the filling of “hip dip” which helps to fill buttocks indentations or area of concavity. Having used these treatments on many, many satisfied customers, we can tell you that these sound augmentation methods increase contour and shape while minimizing cellulite time and time again.

Patient had 3 sessions of 10 each. 30 vials total

We recommend both Sculptra or Radiesse as options, but like to consult with clients first to see which type of treatment fits them best. Everybody is unique, and treatments should be chosen that best fit an individual’s unique circumstances. Once a treatment is decided on the process then commences with an approach designed to get the absolute best results. We provide these treatments and as noted have many happy customers because of these augmentations. Experience has shown us that the best results come from using a minimum of 10 vials or syringes per session and at least 3 sessions or a minimum of 30 vials or syringes to get the desired effect, and the perfect look is what we want to attain, so we need to use a treatment plan that works.

Again, every body is different, so one approach does not fit all. There must be realistic expectations. This type of treatment plan and this approach are optimal for lean, fit patients. This means that this approach is ideal for patients who have no fat to transfer. If the patient has fat to spare, he or she has the option of using fat transfer augmentation instead of Sculptra or Radiesse. A third option is silicone implants however it is not the best fit for anyone anymore, there are too many risks and there is a great cost associated with the practice. In these types of cases, you can still get the fit, full, healthy look that you want, we just need to take a different approach.

As we have said, every body and therefore every approach is different. In our practice we like to get the desired optimal results by combining our Sculptra or Radiesse treatments with Skinfinity to tighten skin and reduce stretch marks and cellulite immediately after injection. But we don’t stop there. We also use Emsculpt buttocks. This is used to build muscle. Combo treatments are best to get maximal results in this case. That is where our experience with all body types comes in as a real benefit. Whatever your body type and whatever your needs, contact us for a free consultation. We can design a treatment plan that gets you the look that you deserve.

Patient had 2 sessions of 10 vials each. 20 vials total

Patient had 4 sessions of 12 vials each. 48 vials total

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